Eastside Summer Show!!!!!


When: Sunday 13th December 2015 (approx. 11am – 4pm)

Where: Centennial Park, Equestrian Grounds

What: Centennial Park, Equestrian Grounds



Prep test (walk and trot)


 Preliminary 1.2


Prelim 1.3



Cross Poles, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm


 Cost: $100 per rider (2 classes per rider, maximum)

**The timed draw will be available to download from the website form 8/12/15 – Keep any on our social media pages for any further updates**

** Sausage sizzles and drinks available for purchase **

Change of weekend Cancellation Policy

Please note; due to an increased number of last minute cancellation’s we have been forced to revise our weekend cancellation policy.

As of Monday 17th August 2015, all week cancellations or changes must be received by 6pm on the Thursday prior to your weekend booking or FULL fee will be charged to your supplied credit card number.

This is to ensure that all riders receive the best service and organisation as well as never missing out on a spot!

JRC 2015

Just 3 more weekends until Junior Riding Club starts for 2015!!!!!!!! Remember, the first day of JRC is January 31st due to the Easter Bunny coming early this year. Get your forms in by Wednesday 21st January to get you ideal time and group. JRC ENROLMENT 2015