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Junior Riding Club (JRC) is weekly program conducted primarily on Saturdays plus 4 afternoons per week. JRC is a 9-week program running inline with each school term throughout the year.

Each week JRC members do a 2-hour session including 1 x formal group riding lesson (max. 5 riders per group) plus an on ground theory session on the care, management and safe handling of horses and ponies.

Riding groups run from 8am – 5pm Saturdays and 4pm– 6pm weekdays. Each lesson is conducted by Eastside’s friendly and experienced coaches with groups arranged into age and riding level to ensure the best learning out comes for each child. Throughout the terms, JRC members will be working towards a series of learning outcomes and achievements that can be assessed within each lesson. At the completion of each level the successful JRC member will receive an arm patch to be sewn onto their riding uniform as reflection of their achievement

At the commencement of their first term, children will receive a bound theory workbook with various assessments and levels to work through. Patches are awarded on successful completion of each stage to be sewn onto their uniforms.

Bi-yearly Eastside runs JRC exclusive competitions to showcase each riders skills in a fun yet competitive environment. These competitions are usually conducted in the 10th week at the completion of Term 2 and Term 4. Prizes are awarded from 1st – 5th place in each category as well as special trophies for high achievement on the day and throughout the terms.

Cost: $945 payable in advance at the start of each term. ($105 per 2 hour session)